Our Process
Because of our judicious and exacting process, we are exceptionally equipped to assist you in balancing your wants and needs with helping you make informed decisions through every phase of design and construction. We believe that a holistic approach with a single point-of-contact lead to less finger-pointing and a much less stressful design and build procedure. In order to further streamline this, we have created an exclusive clientsystem that makes designing and building a cinch and minimalizes discussions (i.e. arguments) that are far too common in this industry. Delantero Design/Construction is an alliance of four traditionally independent disciplines:

The ideas,vision, goals, and schematic and architectural drawings—in other words, the creative fun part!

Pre-Construction Planning:
The nuts and bolts of the project; specifications, budgets, and scheduling.

Construction Process:

The execution of the project; the build-out.

Interior Design Installation:
For those clients who choose to utilize us as their interior design finishers, we will loop the interior designer into the conversation from the very beginning and provide renderings to our clients. We guarantee dedicated personal attention from the variety of interior designers who work with us.

Providing all of these disciplines under one roof is unique to the luxury building and remodeling industry.

We like to call our one point-of-contact our “Client Concierge.”The old design-bid-design-bid (and finally build) model is really antiquated. Instead of that linear process, where the designer and owner work together for months honing the owner’s vision, only to then send it out to multiple contractors for bidding (and have the contractors return it for revisions due to cost issues or “value engineering”), our process is circular in nature. A little design—a little pricing…a little more design—a little more pricing. We’re always working towards the owner’s ultimate desired budget.

We prefer to keep everything in-house, from estimates to labor, and never rely on outsiders to complete our work. There is nothing like seeing those weeks of meetings, pricing, and specifying come to life. We truly enjoy sharing that experience with our clients!

Client Docs
When the plans are complete, the client not only receives a set of well-conceived, city-approved plans, but also a binder with all the documentation necessary to complete the project. These documents will help you stay organized and on-track throughout your project (and will be available in both online and physical formats). You’ll have a checklist and customized outline of the steps we will follow to deliver a complete project to you and an outstanding design/build experience. Also included are:

We utilize a “Design & Build Contract” for our design-heavy projects and a “Cost Plus Fixed-Fee Construction Contract,” created specifically to meet the requirements of our client.

Specification and Scope of Work
We fully define the project so an accurate budget can be created. All too often, specifications (such as the quality of materials used in a project) are glossed over, leading to an uncertain scope of work and ultimately an unrealistic budget. Delantero Design/Construction has a process to define your project that is second-to-none.

Line-Item Budget
Based on the detailed construction documents and accurate specifications and scope of work files, we will create a very detailed budget of all the varied pieces required for your project. We operate in an “open book” environment, using recent benchmarking data to perform extensive research in the latest technology to make sure we are building with the latest and greatest available products.

Selection Schedule
Whether you engage us, use a separate interior designer, or select products for your project on your own, we will provide a detailed schedule and specific analysis of not only what you need and when to make product/color decisions, but also an expert opinion on how to best make that decision: Where should you go? What questions should you ask? What information does your interior designer need to execute your decision accurately and within budget?

Product Selection
We will detail each decision you make, research all costs involved, and produce an accurate order of materials and labor to execute that decision. All of this will be recorded so you can compare your decisions to the budget in real-time, which ultimately produces a record that details, down to exact models and colors, the materials in your home—this will help for long-term warranty/maintenance/replacement issues.

Client/Project Modifications (Change Orders)
Changes are part of the process when designing and building a high-end custom job. They help make the project unique. However, at Delantero Design/Construction, we pride ourselves on keeping changes to a minimum—not because we fear the challenge, but rather because our pre-construction process is so detailed and our record-keeping so accurate. Limiting changes after construction commences will keep your project on-time and on-budget.